Client Testimonials

Software Vendors

Here is what the software vendors we’ve worked with have to say

Mike Lamb


We’ve had a very successful project to date. Specifically, he’s done a great job: • Breaking down the payments landscape and broadening our understanding of payment avenues • Providing insight into current fast paths to market beyond what we would have assumed prior to engaging him • Curated a list of potential payment providers resulting in an actionable approach list • Solid RFP process that helped us identify top two partners while preserving optionality • Detailed assistance with financial modeling as we have a CFO fairly new to the business • Responsive, thoughtful, learned our current payments nuances quickly • Great culture fit, good to work, with and strong sense of urgency


Brian has become a valuable asset to the Petvisor team during the course of our engagement. We were struggling to establish a competitive go-to-market strategy for our payments product - a key focus for us in 2023 and beyond. Brian dug into our business to truly understand our challenges, educating us along the way on the various partnership models and vendors who could meet our needs. A strategy summit with our team, run by Brian, resulted in a creative and exciting new pricing strategy. Now, we’re more energized than ever to scale our payments business. I’d recommend Brian to any software provider that wants to optimize their payments strategy.

Tim Callahan


David O’Brien

Agreement Express

Brian was instrumental in rapidly moving needles for Agreement Express. His deep breadth of knowledge in the industry coupled with his strategic thinking helped to propel us quickly onto a successful path. Furthermore, he went above and beyond the project by digging deeper and finding some troubled areas that we were able to quickly fix on our own. I highly recommend if you are exploring anything to do with the payments industry to engage Brian immediately for best results!

Investor Partners

Here is what the investor partners we’ve worked with have to say


Brian is a true thought partner for the PeakSpan team. His expertise across payments, vertical software and healthcare is a true asset for our investment professionals and portfolio companies. We’ve integrated Brian into our team on several occasions and have also valued his direct engagement across our portfolio companies in the healthcare and pet health spaces where he is co-architecting our payments strategy. Brian is always engaged, professional and reliable. We work with several operating advisors at PeakSpan, but when it comes to “impact players” – Brian is at the very top of our list

Jack Freeman


Roberto Munoz

Operating Partner
Frontier Growth

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brian on three separate engagements with Frontier Portfolio Companies, and have been impressed with the results. Throughout these engagements, he’s been able to swiftly and succinctly identify the key challenges facing each organization and lay out potential solutions. From there, we have been able to run efficient RFP processes to identify the best vendor partner and are now running full steam ahead on our payments initiatives. Above all, his professionalism, communication skills, and personality make our interactions with him truly enjoyable. I’d highly recommend Utopaya to any software investor interested in unlocking the payments potential within their portfolio.”