Flexible engagements to meet out clients' needs

Utopaya provides a variety of advisory services that are tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. Sample engagements include, but are not limited to:

Strategy & Opportunity Assessment

Provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of the clients’ existing merchant portfolio, partner contracts, pricing strategy as well as in-depth interviews with their internal payments team. The output of this process is a comprehensive overview of the clients’ opportunity with respect to payments including a CFO or board-level financial model.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

 Leverage Utopaya’s experience having conducted dozens of RFP’s from both the buyer and seller side.  Our network of contacts in the embedded payments industry streamlines the creation and administration of an RFP that’s tailored to the clients’ specific requirements.  This service includes the creation of the RFP document in collaboration with the client, distribution to relevant prospective vendors, scheduling and participating in each vendor presentation, and a recommendation on final selection.

Contract Negotiation

Having overseen the negotiation of 100+ contracts of varying partner models, Utopaya provides assurance that our clients receive best-in-class pricing and terms from the vendors whom they ultimately choose to partner with.  This assurance goes well beyond negotiating cost, but also includes incredibly important long-term considerations such as minimums, non-solicitation, portability, etc.

Sales Enablement & Commercialization Planning

A payments strategy is only as valuable as the number of merchants a client can onboard to their portfolio. This service provides a robust go-to-market strategy designed to maximize adoption in the clients’ install base including sales alignment, merchant pricing structure, equipment incentives, marketing initiatives, vendor partner meeting structures, and more.

Outsourced Sales & Business Development

Building a high performing sales & business development team in the payments space is expensive, time consuming, and often unsuccessful.  Outsource your sales and business development efforts to Utopaya who will act on the clients’ behalf to prospect, qualify, and ultimately sign new business.  Specific services range from pipeline audits & additions to fully white-labeled B2B sales services, which can be done at both the partner (ISV) or merchant level.

Fractional GM of Payments

As merchant services revenue continues to grow in importance to software vendors, the payments portfolio warrants executive leadership to drive the same exceptional growth performance of the core business.  Most ISVs are not in a position to invest in leadership headcount specific to payments, resulting in a lack of focus and valuable revenue left untapped. Utopaya offers these companies the opportunity to have a leader dedicated to driving their payments business at a fraction of the cost. Deliverables include biweekly meetings with the payments workstream, financial performance dashboard(s), and executive reports presented to the leadership team. 

Due Diligence

We provide buy-side and sell-side due diligence to investors and software vendors alike. Leveraging our proprietary financial model, we’re able to forecast revenue growth opportunities in great detail to properly value a payments portfolio. Additional analysis is performed to weigh the efforts and risks of the deal including contractual restrictions, hurdles to conversion, and competitive threats.